You are purchasing an 8-count kit lot of O Scale chairs, love seats, full bench and circular table with bench fabricated by Todd Architectural Models & Layouts. You will receive laser scored and cut acrylic plastic parts to create a total of 4 chairs, 2 love seats, 1 full bench and one circular table with bench. Included are two sides, the bottom seat, backrest and an insert that may be placed on top of the bottom seat if desired to simulate cushions. There is no cushion insert for the circular table. The parts interlock and may be assembled using plastic solvent or equal. The stock number is F1-02.

Assembly is easy! 
1. Peal the paper masking off of all of the pieces.

2. Lightly sand the flat surfaces with 220 grit sandpaper
3. Assemble the 2 sides, bottom seat and back using plastic solvent or equal

4. Paint the assembled furniture and then apply the painted cushion isnert piece if desired

Chair, Love Seat, Full Bench & Circular Table Kit (8 pcs.)

SKU: F1-02