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You are purchasing a laser cut Rooftop Billboard Sign kit featuring RAILWAY EXPRESS  in 1-1/4" high letters. The RBBS is 10-3/4" long and 3-3/4" high.


The kit will come complete with 1/8" thick letters with adhesive transfer tape on the back for peal & stick assembly. The sign structure includes laser cut brackets, a laser cut front structure that the letter get adhered to and four pieces of styrene strip used for back braces. A Taskboard spacer will be provided to locate the brackets and act as a jig to hold them in place during assembly.


This kit requires a level of modelmaking expertise that includes assembly of delicate acryilic plastic pieces using either solvent or thick CA. No instructions will be provided. For the sample shown, the RBBS structure was assembled with the assistance of small machinists blocks. The structure and letters were painted separately and then the letters were applied. The RBBS will need to be glued to the rooftop to keep it in place.

RAILWAY EXPRESS Rooftop Billboard Sign 1-1/4" Letters Kit

SKU: RE 1-1/4" High RBBS KIT
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