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3M's 467MP High Performance Adhesive Tape is an ideal solution for assembling architectural model layers. The 2" wide tape is easy to manage. The tape may be applied to the back of paper, bassewood, cardboard, styrene or acrylic plastic for near-permanent attachment to another flat and clean surface. 


Use it on printed paper to apply a sign to a building. Use it on the back of patterned Evergreen styrene sheet to stick it onto the building's inner box or the train table's flat surface. Use it on acrylic plastic to adhere layers.


For best results both surfaces should be flat and dust free. Once applied to the back of the item to be adhered, the release paper should be burnished down with a fine grit emory paper (400) to firmly attach the adhesive and smooth out any air pockets prior to removal of the release paper. This tape is not recommended for embossed styrene sheet (brick or block).  

3M 467MP 2" Wide Adhesive Transfer Tape

SKU: 3M 467MP 2" Wide
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