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A new run of lit StreetScape and CityScape shadowboxes, done Plasticville style! We have completed a Set 1 release consisting of six 1” deep shadowboxes, overall length 40.5” and varying in height from 8” to 16.5”. These will be a nice compliment to those who model with more toy-like scenicing. Production will be ongoing. Check out the listing for ToyScapeSet1, the unlit version.


As with all of our regular shaowboxes they are 1” deep, and have individual floors and ceilings. All are finished in matte and semi-gloss colors without additional textures. This set is lit by 5050 LED's with wires lead through a styrene chase. There are a total of 25 LED's in the six buildings. Not all floors are lit so as to create a random lighting pattern.

6-Piece Lit StreetScape & CityScape Shadowbox Set - Plasticville Style

SKU: ToyScapeSet1LIT
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