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You are purchasing a professionally made O Scale Cameron Apartments CityScape building that is individually painted and assembled by Todd Architectural Models & Layouts. This building measures 6” deep. This particular building is modeled after an element of a traditional condominium project built in the Washington DC area in the mid-2000’s.


Each of our built-up buildings are custom laser cut, assembled and painted. No two are quite the same. The standard building comes with textured brick on the front and rear elevation and a stucco finish on the sides (parting walls). The standard building comes with no windows on the sides (parting walls) and a combination of windows and doors set in brick on the rear. 


We are able to produce the model in many different configuratations- a total of 64! This allows you to select the building that best fits its location on your layout- stand alone; left end, middle or right end of a block; and type of exposed parting wall when adjacent to another building. The listing provides options for:


Left and right side (parting) walls: Stucco (standard)and/or Brick (upcharge)

Addition of windows on left and/or right side (parting) walls: (upcharge)

Window glazing: Clear, Translucent, Roscolux Grey or Roscolux Gray w/ Translucent behind (upcharge)


This CityScape building, CS-01-5020, measures 6-3/4” long by 15-1/8” tall. This version follows the original building design, is 5-stories tall and includes a 2-story bay window element between the 3rd and 4th floors. The bay window extends beyond the main elevation by 5/8”. The marquis style canopy that is over the front door extends beyond the main elevation by 1-5/16”. 


Each story is separated by a floor and ceiling, and is individually lit using 12V DC strip LED's. The positive current wire for each floor is color coded and the ground wire is common.


The building is constructed of laser scored and cut acrylic plastic, Laserboard and Taskboard, and is professionally finished to be individually unique. Windows are fabricated using two layers of laser cut Lazerboard for sashes and frames. This model features two-tone window frames on the front. Single color windows will be installed on the rear and optional sides. Fascia and details are built-up acrylic plastic and Lazerboard. Each building is made at ¼” = 1’-0” scale and will be a welcome addition to your O Scale layout.


This building CS-01-5020 is currently in production and may be custom ordered to your specification. There are 64 out of 64 different custom order options currently available.

Cameron Apartments 5-Story Built-up Building

SKU: CS-01-5020-BAY-WR-B2
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