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We are offering a first production run of HO Scale Trackside Warehouse shadowbox kits for our WH-06 McElwain Factory Warehouse building. This particular shadowbox is modeled after the 4-1/2 story McElwain Factory Warehouse located in Nashua, New Hampshire. McElwain was the original production partner with Ward Melville's Thom McAn shoe brand.


The kit is designed for the more experienced modeler. This shop primes all paintable pieces prior to airbrush painting. Assembly of the inner box requires Aleene’s Tacky Glue (or equal) and the ability to work adeptly with tab and slot assembly. Painted pieces are then assembled by removing adhesive transfer release paper and attaching them in the appropriate sequences. Glazing of widows is accommodated by peeling off the release paper on the back, sticking onto your glazing material and knifing around the perimeter.


The kit is offered in two depths: one-window column (1-3/8”) and two-window columns (2-5/8”). The sides are designed so that the two different depths can be placed adjacent to each other with the windows reading appropriately. The sides are also designed so the builder has the option of installing windows or brick infills in any of the masonry openings. Create a varied shadowbox backdrop by mixing different heights and depths.


The kit is initially offered in three heights: 4-1/2 stories (6-5/8” tall), 5-1/2 stories (8-1/8” tall) and 6-1/2 stories (9-1/2” tall). Each section is 6-5/8” wide. The brick scoring is measured from the actual building and is raster engraved to provide more true-to-scale mortar lines. Window sills are separately scored for those who want to paint and mask the prototypes granite sills. HO scale floor-to-floor heights are 10’-6”.


Kit parts include:

  • Laser scored and cut 1/32” thick acrylic plastic front elevation and side elevation inserts, complete with high performance 3M adhesive transfer tape for peal and stick application to the inner box.
  • Three prototypical styles of PolyBak laser cut windows- outer piece to represent the frame in the masonry opening and two inner pieces to represent the window sashes, complete with high performance 3M adhesive transfer tape for peal and stick assembly.
  • Laser cut star bolts with high performance 3M adhesive transfer tape for peal and stick application. A spacer jig is included.
  • Laser cut and cut 1/32” TaskBoard inner box parts including front and rear, sides (either one- or two-window column depth) with knockouts for placement of assembled/glazed windows, and individual floor, ceiling and roof pieces. Knockouts are also provided for running of wires for lighting.
  • Laser cut roof PolyBak Roof insert with high performance 3M adhesive transfer tape for peal and stick application.
  • Evergreen Scale Models styrene strip for window sills and cornice.


The kit for the one-window column, 4-1/2 story shadowbox contains 139 laser cut parts plus applicable detail material. The kit for the two-window column, 4-1/2 story shadowbox contains 169 laser cut parts plus applicable detail material. Add 26 parts and 32 parts for each additional floor, for either one- or two-window column depths, respectively.


The first run of kits will ship during the week of February 13, 2023 or may be picked up at the Amherst Railway Society Springfield Railroad Hobby Show on January 28 & 29, 2023.



HO Scale WH-06 McElwain Factory 6-1/2 Story Shadowbox, 1-Window Column

SKU: WH-06-HO-65-1W-KIT
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