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Todd Architectural Models has designed the third in a series of historic warehouse buildings as an S, O and G Scale model. The Paterson Silk Mill building model was recreated from site photographs of two existing buildings. The buildings have a similar brick elevation, but have a variation in the cornice and windows. The model is suited for fabrication as a flat, shadowbox or building. Paterson (NJ), known as the home of Lou Costello and Larry Doby, location of the first documented manned submarine submersion and onetime silk capital of the world, can now have one of its classic mill warehouses on your layout.


The G Scale model features a laser scored and cut elevation, window and door elements, added sills and cast stone, and built-up laser scored/cut or styrene cornice detail. The 2-story full-width elevation piece measures 15” long by 10-5/8” tall and includes five columns of windows. For the time being, the original 4-story version is shown in the pictures.


All of our models are suitable for indoor use only.


The full-width elevation piece was originally designed with only windows on the ground floor. We have now integrated the option of having a door added to the middle two window columns (columns three and four). An alternate door option provides for a single, wider door centered between window columns three and four.


In lieu of windows and/or doors on the first floor, you may specify between one and five warehouse doors.


At this time, the Paterson Silk Mill building may be purchased built-up and painted as a flat (nominally 3/8” deep), a 1" deep shadowbox (nominally 1-3/8" depth) and a 2" deep shadowbox (nominally 2-3/8” depth).


Full-width elevation elements may be combined for a longer overall model. Alternate the flat, and 1" deep or 2" deep shadowboxes to get a varying overall elevation. You may also consider staggering heights.


Now for the options:


The Paterson Silk Mill may be ordered with one of two window options, one with a single-height double hung window and the other with a pair of 2/3 height double hung with a 1/3 height fixed 4 over 2 pane above.


The Paterson Silk Mill may be ordered with clear, translucent, Roscolux gray or Roscolux gray with transslucent behind glazing


The Paterson Silk Mill may be ordered with either a brick or cast stone cornice.


The Paterson Silk Mill full-width elevation piece may be ordered with all windows on the first floor, a door in window columns 3, or a single larger door centered between window columns 3 and 4.


The window and door choices and locations shall be reviewed direclty with the customer after the order is placed.


Each model is constructed of laser scored and cut acrylic plastic, and Taskboard, and is professionally finished to be individually unique. Windows are fabricated using two layers of laser cut Lazerboard for sashes and frames. 



G Scale Paterson Silk Mill, 2-Story, 15" Long

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