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Since O Scale stadiums are rather large, the stadium seating pieces that we designed are in S Scale. Each has a 10-seat configuration and measures 3-1/4" long. That equals 17'-6" in S Scale and 13'-0" in O Scale.


This bulk kit includes enough parts to make 144 sets of  a 10-seat row  configuration (or 1,440 total seats). The bulk kit is equal to 12 single kits. Each row consisting of two parts, one is the seat surface and the other is the seat back surface. One slots into the other and the row is easily assembled with Tacky Glue. Material is PolyBak (Laserboard).


Assembled seat rows are easily mounted, primed and painted.


Laser Cut Stadium Seating Bulk Kit: 144 Rows Of 10 Seats

SKU: StadiumSeatKit-Bulk
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