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You are purchasing a professionally made O Scale shadowbox elevation front fabricated by Todd Architectural Models & Layouts. This shadowbox measures 1” deep. This particular structure is modeled after an artistic photo combination of two historic manufacturing buildings.


This manufacturing warehouse, MWH-1, measures 23-3/4” long by 10-1/2” tall. This particular listing is for Set 10, modeled with a blue cornice and streetscape-style treatment of the first floor by the installation of a steel blue door set. This particular model is one of eleven MWH-1 shadowbox models produced in the first run.

The rear panel of the shadowbox is removable to allow for the addition of LED lighting. There are individual floors and ceilings that have a space provided for a square styrene tube that can act as a chase to hide post-purchase wiring. The ceilings each have cut-outs for the placement of LED lights.


Each shadowbox is constructed of laser scored and cut acrylic plastic and Taskboard, and is professionally finished to be individually unique. Windows are fabricated using two layers of laser cut Lazerboard for sashes and frames. Glazing is .006” clear acetate. Fascia are built-up styrene. Each shadow box set is made at ¼” = 1’-0” scale and will be a welcome addition to your O Scale layout.


The first run of MWH-1 has been built out with either a blue or gray cornice. Complimenting steel blue or gray first floor doors and windows were used. The first floors were built out as either as a warehouse or streetscape front.


Check our website for availability of other cornice color and first floor treatment combinations.

Manufacturing Warehouse MWH-1 Shadowbox - Set 10 - Blue Cornice

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