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You are purchasing a set of laser cut Northern Pacific 1/4” (0.250”) high letters and numbers. This letter set consists of approximately 150 characters (A-Z, 1-9, 0) in the distribution that is common to usage in the English language. Use the laser cut letters for your G, O, HO or N Scale model railroad structure, architectural model or craft project.


This font is in speed lettering style. The letters are approximatley two times longer than standard letters. Because of the letter extensions, each piece must be handled with care. Note that twice the amount of material is needed to produce this letter set compared to standard letter sets.


This font and style is not available less than 1/4" tall.


Each laser cut character is 0.024” thick, 0.250” tall and has adhesive transfer tape on the back. The material is Polybak, the backing for plastic laminate like Formica. The characters may be mounted on a paint stick, given a light priming with Krylon gray primer and then painted either by airbrush or spray can. The lot will come in a re-sealable bag with a cardboard backer. The lot will be packaged in a bubble envelope.

Northern Pacific 1/4" (0.250") High Laser Cut Letter Set (+/- 150 pcs.)

SKU: NP250
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