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You are purchasing a professionally made O Scale shadowbox elevation front fabricated by Todd Architectural Models & Layouts. This shadowbox measures 1” deep. This particular shadowbox is modeled after the Winchester Park Building, the birthplace of basketball, that was located at the corner of State and Sherman Streets in Springfield, MA. Otherwise known as the Armory Hill YMCA, the original building was completed in 1886. James Naismith invented basketball in the gymnasium located in the rear of the building. A substantial expansion to the building was completed by 1896 and lined the entire block fronting on Main Street with like-styled architecture. The building was razed in 1965.


This project is the first of an intended series of models of historical buildings in Springfield, MA whose releases will coincide with the January Amherst Model Railroad Society’s annual Railroad Hobby Show.


This shadowbox model will be limited to a production run of 100 pieces.

This historical shadowbox model, SPFLD-1, measures 15-1/8” long and will be 4-stories tall, about 12-3/4”. The model features a roof top balustrade.

You may order the model with one of three glazing options: clear, translucent or Roscolux Grey. If you do not want to see into the interior when the Roscolux Grey is lit from within, you may have translucent material added behind for an additional charge.


You may order the model unlit, lit individually on each floor (4) or individually lit on each of three sections on each floor (12). Lighting is by 12V DC strip LED’s that are in each ceiling. Wires are color coded by floor. The rear panel of the shadowbox is removable to allow for the addition of aftermarket interior decoration.


Each shadowbox is constructed of laser scored and cut acrylic plastic and Taskboard, and is professionally finished to be individually unique. Windows are fabricated using two layers of laser cut Lazerboard for sashes and frames. Windowsills are individually painted and masked. Fascia are built-up styrene. Each shadow box set is made at ¼” = 1’-0” scale and will be a welcome addition to your O Scale layout.


This shadowbox SPFLD-1 is currently in fabrication. It will be available for the first time at the January 2020 Amherst Model Railroad Society’s annual Railroad Hobby Show. Orders placed by January 15, 2020, will be available at Springfield at our booth in the Young Hall, Section 86, Tables B&C.


O Scale Birthplace of Basketball, 4-Story Shadowbox SPFLD-1, 15-1/8" Long

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