You are purchasing a professionally made O Scale shadowbox elevation kit fabricated by Todd Architectural Models & Layouts. This shadowbox kit measures 1-1/8” deep. This particular shadowbox is modeled after a Union Pacific trackside 2-story warehouse with loading dock. The loading platform adds 15/16" deep in depth. The height of the loading dock is designed for a piece of Atlas O track on standard cork roadbed.


When complete, this trackside warehouse, WH-1-3, measures 36” long by 7” tall by 1-1/8” deep. The 3-section kit purchase will include an extra brick column piece that will hide the joint lines in the elevation view.


The rear panel of the shadowbox is designed to be removable to allow for the addition of LED lighting. There are individual floors and ceilings that have a space provided for a square styrene tube that can act as a chase to hide post-purchase wiring. The ceilings each have cut-outs for the placement of 5050 SMD LED lights.


Each shadowbox kit includes laser scored and cut acrylic plastic, and Taskboard to construct the shadowbox and elevation. Windows and doors are fabricated using two layers of laser cut Lazerboard (PolkBak) for sashes and frames. An optional platform canopy and corbel kit is included. Lastly, a  pre-slotted styrene wire chase is included.


The shadowbox element of the model is designed with slot and tab assembly in mind. Tacky Glue is best for gluing. The elevation element of the model is designed with peal-and-stick assembly in mind. The windows and doors are also designed with peal-and-stick assembly in mind. Glazing with either clear (acetate) or translucent material is also accomplished using the peal-and-stick method.


Each shadow box set is made at ¼” = 1’-0” scale and will be a welcome addition to your O Scale layout.



Union Pacific 2-Story Trackside Warehouse w/ Canopy Kit, 36" Long