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You are purchasing a professionally made O Scale shadowbox elevation front fabricated by Todd Architectural Models & Layouts. This shadowbox is a two window column depth version and measures 4-1/8” deep. This particular shadowbox is modeled after the McElwain Factory Warehouse located in Nashua, New Hampshire. McElwain was the original production partner with Ward Melville's Thom McAn shoe brand. The actual warehouse is 50' wide, the width of our standard shadowbox model, by 800' long and has been repurposed into office space.


This is a special order two window column depth version of the 6-1/2 story (17-1/4" tall) model. You may also special order it in a two window column depth version of either the 4-1/2 story (12" tall) prototypical height or, 3-1/2 story (9-1/2" tall) and 5-1/2 story (15-3/4" tall) model by contacting the shop.  All configurations are 12" wide.


If ordered with lighting, the shadowbox will come with  floors individually lit using 12V DC LED strip lighting. The rear panel of the shadowbox is removable to allow for the addition of aftermarket interior decoration.


Each shadowbox is constructed of laser scored and cut acrylic plastic and Taskboard, and is professionally finished to be individually unique. Windows are fabricated using three layers of laser cut Lazerboard for the masonry opening frame (rust red) and sashes and frames (bronze) You may specify clear, translucent, Roscolux Gray or Roscolux Gray with translucent behind glazing. Star bolts and granite sills are individually applied. Each shadowbox set is made at ¼” = 1’-0” scale and will be a welcome addition to your O Scale layout.



WH-06 McElwain Factory Warehouse O Scale 2 Window Column Deep Shadowbox

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